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Wish It Was Spring Cleaning Sale

snowWhile it is getting colder and the snow continues to fall, we figured why not warm it up and have a Spring Cleanup Sale!!!

All of the following products are offered at a significant discount.

To order, please call the shop 828-658-9795.

Offers valid while inventory lasts.

Currently on Sale:

Instruments under $2k:
1895 S.S. Stewart  Universal Favorite Banjo
Strat Reliced by Monroe
Cromwell Archtop
Cordoba RCWE
Furch Little Jane
Kanilea Ukelele K-1 – New
1963 Danelectro U2
Emerald X7-OS
Taylor T5-S
Leho Ukuleles LHT6-ASAK – New
Leho Ukuleles LHT-SMF – New
The Loar LH-280-CBK
The Loar LH-319-VS

Mics / Preamps:
K&K Sound Quantum Blender Dual Channel Guitar Preamp/EQ

D-TAR Mic Stand Adapter #2-90-915
ErgoPlay Tappert Classical Guitar Support
Planet Waves Chromatic Strobe Pedal Tuner PW-CT-04
Planet Waves Auto-Trim Tuning Machines PWAT-333L, 3+3 Setup, GOLD
Planet Waves Insert Cable PW-INS-10, 1/4″ Male Stereo to Dual 1/4″ Male Mono
B-Band chromatic Tuner Tun-E

Thomstik-Infeld AC112
Curt Mangan 12-String Light Phos-Br
Curt Mangan Med. Lt. Phos Br
Curt Mangan Med. Lt. 80/20
Curt Mangan Bluegrass Phos Br
Curt Mangan Heavy Phos Br
Elixir Med
Elixir Lt-Med


1895 S.S. Stewart  Universal Favorite Banjo

19th century body/tone ring with Rare ‘wraparound’ pot, custom neck by Larry Brown featuring gorgeous inlay work, newer Guardian Case

$1,995 + Shipping

banjo1 banjo2
banjo4 banjo5

Strat Reliced by Monroe

Monroe Relic Strat, made with Fender parts, features Texas Special Pickups, Rosewood Fingerboard, Tremolo, Tweek Case

$895 + Shipping

strat1 strat2
strat4 strat3

Cromwell Archtop

1930s Cromwell Archtop (G-2?), Made by Gibson for Cromwell, this one has play wear and some reglued braces, funky and old, but great sounding. Perfect for front porch blues sessions!

$595 + Shipping

cromwell1 cromwell2
cromwell3 cromwell4

Cordoba RCWE

Thin body classical, Indian Rosewood back/sides, Cedar Top

$995 + Shipping

cordoba1 cordoba3
cordoba2 cordoba4

New Furch LJ10-CM Little Jane

Click Here for More Details

$1,599 + Shipping

P1500027 P1500012

Kanilea K-1 Concert Premium Satin Ukulele

Click Here for More Details

$770 + Shipping

P1470632 P1470642

1963 Danelectro U2 – SOLD

Click Here for More Details

$1,500 + Shipping

danelectro1 danelectro2

Emerald X7-OS

Qty – 4

Click Here for More Details

$930 + Shipping

emerald1 emerald2

Taylor T5-S – SOLD

Click Here for More Details

$1,100 + Shipping

taylor1 taylor2

New Leho Ukuleles LHT6-ASAK

Click Here for More Details

$350 + Shipping

leho1-1 leho1-2

New Leho Ukuleles LHT-SMF

Click Here for More Details

$255 + Shipping

leho2-1 leho2-2

The Loar LH-280-CBK

The Loar LH-280-CBK is a great budget archtop capable of handling styles ranging from Jazz and Blues to Country and Rockabilly. With a 24.75” scale and Vintage “C” profile neck this will feel familiar to anyone accustomed to vintage archtops.

$400 + Shipping

loar1-2 loar1-1

The Loar LH-319-VS

The Loar is a company dedicated to reviving the artisan principles of the golden era of 1920s and 30s archtop guitars. Indeed, the LH-319-VS is a fine example of their success in this endeavor. Anyone familiar with vintage Gibson, Guild, Martin or Washburn f-hole archtops will be pleasantly surprised at the similarity of the LH-319 in tone, playability and appearance.

$460 + Shipping

loar2-1 loar2-2

K&K Sound Quantum Blender Dual Channel Guitar Preamp/EQ – SOLD

Preowned but looks 99% new. Functions properly. Includes 1/4″ stereo TRS cable. Needs power supply 12VDC 700mA Center-positive


$149.99 + Free Shipping

quantum1 quantum3 quantum2
quantum5 quantum4

D-TAR Mic Stand Adapter #2-90-915

Attaches to underside of Solstice or Equinox allowing the unit to be mounted to a standard microphone stand.

NEW, Qty-1

$14.99 + Free Shipping

dtar dtar2 dtar3

ErgoPlay Tappert Classical Guitar Support

NEW, Qty-2

$49.99 + Free Shipping

ergoplay1 ergoplay2 ergoplay3

Planet Waves Insert Cable PW-INS-10, 1/4″ Male Stereo to Dual 1/4″ Male Mono
NEW, Qty-2
$19.99 + Free Shipping
planetwaves1 planetwaves2 planetwaves3

Planet Waves Auto-Trim Tuning Machines PWAT-333L, 3+3 Setup, GOLD

NEW, Qty-2

$52.99 + Free Shipping

auto1 auto2 auto3

Planet Waves Chromatic Strobe Pedal Tuner PW-CT-04

NEW, Qty-1

$79.99 + Free Shipping

tuner1 tuner2 tuner3

B-Band chromatic Tuner Tun-E

NEW, Qty-10

$18.00 + Free Shipping



 Thomstik-Infeld-AC112  Thomstik-Infeld AC112  $14.50 + Shipping
 Curt-Mangan-12-String-Light Phos-Br  Curt Mangan 12-String Light Phos-Br  $6.50 + Shipping
 Curt-Mangan-Med-Lt-Phos-Br  Curt Mangan Med. Lt. Phos Br  $9.00 + Shipping
 Curt-Mangan-Med-Lt  Curt Mangan Med. Lt. 80/20  $8.50 + Shipping
 Curt-Mangan-Bluegrass-Phos-Br  Curt Mangan Bluegrass Phos Br  $5.00 + Shipping
 Curt-Mangan-Heavy-Phos-Br  Curt Mangan Heavy Phos Br  $5.00 + Shipping
 Elixir-Med  Elixir Med  $12.50 + Shipping
 Elixir-Lt-Med  Elixir Lt-Med  $12.50 + Shipping


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Dream Guitars adds Ben Wilborn to its Array of Fine Builders

wilborn-logoBen Wilborn is one of the builders that we have recently added to the array of fine builders that we represent at Dream Guitars. We receive numerous requests from builders, new and established, to be part of Dream Guitars. It’s very humbling to be the ones that they wish to represent their work. In the case of Wilborn guitars, we invited him to send us an example of his work because tone is the first thing we always look for in a new luthier’s instruments. It only took about 20 seconds to figured out that Ben knows how to get tone out of his instruments. We were also smitten with the fit, finish and overall design of his guitars – very elegant, leaning towards traditional but definitely having his own style…and so began our association with Ben.

We at Dream Guitars are known for commissioning unique custom instruments for clientele as well and we were excited to see al-wilsomething even more artistic from Ben. As a result, Paul Heumiller, owner of Dream Guitars and Ben went to work to decide on specs for a custom Wilborn parlor guitar. “I love to work with builders on custom instruments. Having seen thousands of guitars helps me develop an intuition for both stylistic and practical features on the guitar. At the same time I love to leave room for a builder to express himself. So Ben and I collaborated on a number of design elements in this parlor guitar, but then I left him to do the rest. I can’t wait to see the final instrument as I know it will be both beautiful and expressive aesthetically and musically.” – Paul Heumiller.

This incoming Parlor will feature Brazilian Rosewood and Vintage Sitka Spruce cut in the 1960s, Leapordwood Bindings, Brazilian Rosewood Fretboard and Bridge and a short scale, 12 Fret Neck. Yummy!

Click here to see our in-stock Ben Wilborn Guitars

Contact us to reserve this incoming Wilborn guitar or to inquire about the many custom builds we have in process at any given time. Capture your Dream Guitar.


Custom Wilborn Parlor in Construction

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More Than Just a Guitar Shop

Click here to check out our latest performance and lesson additions from the one and only Vicki Genfan!!

Since the day I started Dream Guitars I’ve always wanted it to be more than just a guitar shop selling instruments. The sense of community and the shared love of music is one of the reasons that I got into this business and it’s what keeps it so enjoyable for me year after year. All of the wonderful instruments that we sell are for one purpose which is to make music which in turn makes the world a better place. I truly believe that. To that end we have always offered inspiration in the form of our Listening Studio, concerts, performance videos and lesson videos on dreamguitars.com.


Many clients are surprised when they realize how many lessons we have actually produced over the years. We have over 40 free lessons on our website and YouTube Channel today by such artists as Al Petteway, Steve James, Vicki Genfan, Clive Carroll, Konarak Reddy, Danny Ellis, Doug Young and Paul Asbell. In addition we have performance videos by these players and other friends who come by the shop, including Cliff Eberhardt, Loren & Mark, Jordan McConnell (The Duhks), Steve Baughman and Robin Bullock.


All of these can be found on our popular YouTube Channel and we also have a direct link to our Lessons Page on our main menu under Resources.

Have you visited our Listening Studio? Over the years, we at Dream Guitars have been recording each of our in-stock instruments, many by the one and only Al Petteway. As a result, we were able to compile all of these recordings into a database that now allows you to listen to thousands of individual guitar recordings while comparing and analyzing tone woods, builders, models, wood types, and more.


We have also produced a complete book of Sheet Music and TAB for the Dream Guitars Vol. I: The Golden Age of Lutherie CD by Al Petteway. In addition, we are very excited to be finishing up Dream Guitars Vol. II: Hand Picked as we speak. This new project will include not only Music and Tab but a Video lesson of absolutely every track available on our site in the coming months.


Hot News: Robin Bullock has also recently moved back to the Asheville Area and will begin to produce a regular lesson series for us as well!! Stay tuned for more on this.

So take advantage of the Listening Studio as well as all the Lessons, Blog Articles, Interviews and all we create for you. You can find them on our YouTube Channel, Facebook Page and of course dreamguitars.com. Most importantly keep making music!!! The world needs it!

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When Collectors Sell Guitars

One of the services that Dream Guitars offers is representation for entire or partial collections. We are very fortunate to have many of

1957 Gibson J-200 from a recently acquired private collection

1957 Gibson J-200 from a recently acquired private collection

the world’s top instrument collectors as our clients and at different times, and for various reasons, they may choose to sell some or all of their treasures. When they do, they call on us.

“The largest collection we’ve represented thus far was 65 classical guitars. Among them were many of the famous Spanish makers, a number of vintage pieces, and some very unique and rare instruments as well.” – Paul Heumiller, owner of Dream Guitars.

Often a collection has a general theme, like this collection of classical guitars, or perhaps vintage Gibson instruments, prewar Martin guitars, or a variety of independent modern luthiers. “Recently, we have been getting in a large collection of vintage Martin and Gibson instruments from a client that we have worked with for more than 10 years. It gives us a very rare opportunity to offer our client base some pieces that you never see in one shop at one time. It is very exciting for me and my team to get to see, play and offer these historic musical gems.” – Paul Heumiller.

Click here to read a collector’s testimonial for Dream Guitars

We also have a number of clients who have included Dream Guitars in their estate planning. They give explicit instructions to their family members to contact us upon their passing so that we can assist with properly selling and handling the instruments they worked so hard to collect. “It is very humbling to have a client call you and ask you to assist his family. It has been extremely rewarding over the years to assist surviving family members to get through one of the hardest times of their lives. We get to ensure that they are treated fairly and properly compensated in a way that our client would have wanted. We take great pride in assisting folks in this way.” – Paul Heumiller.


Recent shipment of private collection to Dream Guitars

For our clients, this large influx of of incredible instruments is educational, exciting and downright fun. We get so many calls and questions when we get in a collection of related instruments. Simply by reading about 20 similar guitars in one grouping, our clients can learn something completely new about the world they love.  For instance a client who has never owned a vintage guitar can have a chance to read about many in one visit to our website. Conversely, a steel string player might get a chance to learn who the best nylon makers in the world might be.

“Offering large collections is pure joy. You can’t imagine how ‘kid-like’ we all get in the shop when 20 boxes arrive. It’s like Christmas for weeks.” – Paul Heumiller.

If you have a small or large guitar collection and are in need of help finding a home for some of your pieces, we would be honored to serve you and we will always do so with the upmost respect and gratitude.

Contact us today to discuss your collection 828-658-9795.

Click here to read a collector’s testimonial for Dream Guitars

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We have a long list of clients looking for certain guitars on our Dream Catcher Watchlist. If you have one of the guitars below we may be able to facilitate a quick sale for you. Call us today or email sales@dreamguitars.com.

Immediate Need for a Client:

Applegate Grand Concert (cutaway preferred) in Madigascar Rosewood and Red Cedar (or similar wood)
Beauregard MB electric
Benedetto Frank Vignola Deluxe, Maple
Charis Grand Concert (cutaway preferred) in Madigascar Rosewood and Red Cedar (or similar wood)
Cujo Grand Auditorium
Henderson D45 – Brazilian
Kim Walker 000 or OM Not Brazilian
Martin 00-18CTN
Martin Belleza Nera – Excellent or Mint Condition only
Newer Martin D-45 Indian Rosewood
Martin J-21
Martin M-21, one of the original 16 made
2006 or up Martin D18 Authentic 1937 specs
Mark Whitebook guitar
Olson SJ Brazilian, Cedar
Player condition vintage Fender Strat Fat Neck
R. Taylor The Tree
1967-68 Ramirez Cedar Top
1970s Ramirez Flamenco, made by Sr.
Romero Banjo
Sobell guitars
Somogyi OM Brazilian
T.J. Thompson Guitar

Steel String Guitars:

Baritone Guitars: McCollum, Doolin
Circa Guitars by John Slobod, all models
Collings 00
Collings OM, Dread, other models
Doolin, all models
Dyer Harp Guitars including style 7 or 8
Franklin OM, Brazilian
Gibson J-45s – Vintage
Gibson, 1930s-1950s, L-00, J-30, J-35, J-45, J-50, AJ – Vintage
Greenfield Guitars
Kim Walker Acoustics
Long Scale 00
Martin Dreads – 1950s
Martin D-40 Tom Petty
Martin Small Bodies – 1930s
Martins, particularly prewar 0, 00, 000, OMs and Dreads but also 1950’s all models – Vintage
Matsuda Guitars
Olson Guitars
Petros Dream Series
Schwartz Oracle, 3 hole in Rosewood
Somogyi Guitars
Terraplane Resonators
TJ Thompson Guitars
Wayne Henderson Guitars

Classical, Flamenco & Crossover Guitars:

Andreas Tacci
Buscarino Cabaret
Cervantes Crossover
Contreras I
Dominelli Classical
Humphrey Millenium, 650mm Scale
Mauel Reyes
McGill Super Ace
Quality Nylon String Crossovers, cutaway, narrow nut
Ramirez 1950s-1960s
Robert Ruck Guitars

Electric Guitars:

Beauregard Thinline MB or MB-S
Detemple Strats, Teles
Fender Strats & Teles – Vintage
Gibson CS-356 w/o Bigsby in Vintage Sunburst with an ebony board
Gibson Les Paul Bob Marley Custom Shop
Kay Semi Hollow and Solid body – Vintage
Low Wattage Tube Amps, Princeton Reverb, Champ, Magnatone, Citation, Gibson GA – Vintage
PRS McCarty rosewood neck (original run)
PRS modern eagle, braz neck, faded blue jean (1st run)
PRS Ted McCarty DC245 in glacier blue
Tom Anderson Strats and Teles

Archtop Guitars:

D’Aquisto – Original
Gibson L-4 and L-5 – Vintage
Gretsch White Falcon

Bass Guitars:

Airline Bass Guitar


Nylon String Banjos

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Woodstock Invitational Guitar Festival 2014

Written by Paul Heumiller, Dream Guitars

Click on any of the images throughout the article for a larger view

For those who have never been to the Woodstock Invitational Guitar Festival, it is something quite special. Seventy or so of the top Luthiers in the world are invited by Baker Rorick to come to the small town in the Hudson Valley for a weekend of pure joy for guitarists. This is a small show and it’s overcrowded, but that’s a good thing. It ensures that the show will stay of the highest quality. Baker has no plans to grow the show or move it to a larger location and I think that will keep it very special. It’s already host to more guitars than you can possibly see properly in two days.


For me this year’s show was extra special. It had a real feeling of brotherhood. Perhaps the last few years, very hard years in the guitar business by anyone’s account, have bonded us all. Many builders (and shop owners) have barely survived, others have been forced to go back to a ‘real job’, but most continue to hold onto the passion that drives them to build the finest instruments that we’ve ever seen. Immediately upon arrival I received hugs and handshakes from my friends, the builders who whittle wood to make music. Making the show even more memorable is the fact that Scott Bresnick, the man behind the machine that is Dream Guitars, met me at the show as well. Scott quietly does vast amounts of promotion for us and has been my sounding board since I started DG in New Jersey. So this year is, as I said, was just extra special.

Now for the good stuff, the guitars. Woodstock is like the buffet at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville. More food than you can possibly eat, but you’re sure as hell going to try.

As someone who has played thousands of guitars and all of them the finest in the world, I’m struck with the amazing quality of the voices of the instruments here at the show. A large number of the guitars are nothing short of mesmerizing and inspiring. I don’t say that lightly as I am admittedly quite spoiled hanging out at Dream Guitars all day. At a show like this it’s hard to go 10 feet without running into someone else you know and stopping and saying “hi” and catching up. It makes the going slow but well worth while.

I started at the stage where my good friends John Buscarino, Chris & Jeremy Jenkins, Michael Bashkin and Bill Tippin all had their instruments displayed. John had his Autumn Leaves 35th anniversary guitar, complete with an amazing carved tree on the back of the instrument.


Stage left was Keystone guitars from Japan, one of the newest builders to join the Dream Guitars family. Keisuke Nishi built a wonderful modified dreadnought for the show which I promptly snatched up for our clients.


Down on the main floor were a number of builders including:

•    Cris Mirabella
•    Joe Veillette
•    John Osthoff
•    Bruce Petros
•    Kent Everett
•    Julian Gaffney
•    David Berkowitz
•    Bernie Lehman
•    Randy Muth – another builder we invited to join DG at this event
•    Ken Parker
•    Jason Kostal – indeed Jason Kostal’s guitars are the highest form of artistry
•    Pellerin
•    Tim Reede and Raymond Kraut, both joining the DG Family as well
•    Ryan Thorell
•    Paul Beard
•    Linda Manzer
•    Michael Baranik
•    And many more.

A veritable cornucopia of fine guitars. Some that have remained etched in my memory are:

Cris Mirabella’s arch top in black with maple accents:

mirabella archtop

Randy Muth’s guitars all have an amazing and unique voice:

Muth guitars

Julian Gaffney, currently apprenticing with Ervin Somogyi, built a stunning guitar that I played for some time and truly enjoyed:

julian gaffney and boys

There’s always a big amount of laughter as well, like when Tom Ribbecke decided to probe Kent Everett’s new Petite Model guitar:


But this is just one room at the show. I stepped out the door and into the stage/bar area where there is constantly amazing music being played. All day long there are demo concerts and feature concerts and talks by prominent builders such as Bill Collings, Tom Ribbecke, Michael Gurian, Ken Parker, John Monteleone and Roger Sadowski.

panel of greats

Ear candy everywhere. A short walk across the drive and you enter the secondary room which houses a lot of tonewoods, Luthery tools and a fine display of guitars including multiple Grit Laskin guitars featuring Grit’s fabulous inlay work and two rare Steve Klein Electrics from the Jeff Doctorow collection (see photo below). Jeff is a good friend and fellow Jersey Boy.

John Slobod and his Circa guitars were also here in this room and he and I got a chance to sneak to a back office for some serious tasting. He had two small body guitars with him and each a cannon in its own right. He does things with Maple that are amazing, a lush full voice that’s even prettier than the insanely figured set of wood he actually traveled to Germany for. A few friends joined us as well so I got to hear the guitars from out front and in the driver’s seat and they are masterful.

Another great thing about shows like Woodstock is that it gives me the chance to touch base with Luthiers about what they’re seeing in the business in general. Most everyone has felt an uptick in 2014 with sales increasing. That coincides with what we have seen in the shop as well. Particularly high-end guitar sales have greatly increased in 2014. From where we sit, 2015 looks to be a great year for guitar makers and of course that means for guitar players. With instruments like this being crafted by great people with passion, we should all have plenty of inspiration to make our music for the world.

Below are a list of makers whose guitars we brought back from the show. Contact us here at Dream Guitars for more information:

•    Randy S. Muth
•    Keystone Guitars
•    David MacCubbin
•    Raymond Kraut
•    John Osthoff
•    Bernie Lehmann
•    Kevin Pederson
•    Tim Reede

Following are a few of the cool & unusual sights from the show as well:

Pellerin Harp Guitar:

Pellerin Harp

Jeff Doctorow’s Steve Klein Guitars:

jeff doctorow kleins

Lehmann Tiger Maple Bridge:

lehman tiger eye maple bridge

Manzer Unfinished Guitar:

manzer unfinished

For more information on the Woodstock Invitational Guitar Festival, please visit their official website.

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Wayne Henderson Guitar Video Roundup

We here at Dream Guitars are thrilled to have multiple Wayne Henderson guitars in-stock at the moment! We are taking full advantage of this and recorded another one of our guitar roundup video collages of Al jamming away on all three of these amazing guitars. Hear and see three of Wayne Henderson’s guitars side-by-side, played by one of the best acoustic guitar players on the planet, Grammy Award winner Al Petteway!

Wayne Henderson and his guitars need little introduction these days. Having built for an army of the best players in the world, both in the southeast where we live and for big names like Eric Clapton, his guitars are now legendary. But why? Tone, that’s why. No maker reaches the highest levels without killer tone.


Click here to watch the video!

The three Henderson guitars featured in this collage are a:

•    1996 Henderson D-18 Mahogany/Spruce – This D-18 style Mahogany Dread was the prize for the 1996 Wayne Henderson Guitar Competition and it has been put to good use since. The well-played spruce top is giving it’s all now, and it is extremely loud and clear as a bell.

•    2010 Henderson D-18 Mahogany/Adirondack (Red)(Sorry folks this one is already sold!!) This Henderson D-18 in Red Spruce and Mahogany is how a pre war style guitar should be done, and is a perfect example of why Henderson guitars are so sought after. This thing is a flatpicking cannon, it would be hard to find a better suited flatpicking guitar. When you pick this guitar up you instantly realize why Wayne is so well regarded in the guitar world.

•    2010/11 Henderson D-28 Brazilian/Adirondack (Red) – This D-28 in Red Spruce and Brazilian Rosewood is the bluegrassers dream, it has all the power to punch through an instrument heavy jam session, or take on the softer side and it fingerpicks beautifully. The voicing Wayne achieves, as always, is lovely. It is warm and has a great boom chuck.

Click here to watch the video!

Did you know that on top of being a master luthier, Wayne is also a heck of a player? Henderson’s top-notch finger-picking is a source of great pleasure and pride to his friends, family, and neighbors in Grayson County, Virginia. His guitar playing has also been enjoyed at Carnegie Hall, in three national tours of “Masters of the Steel-String Guitar”, and in seven nations in Asia.

This Henderson guitar roundup video collage is not the only one of its kind. We have also done collage videos of Ervin Somogyi, Kim Walker, and vintage Martin guitars. You can also view more of our videos on our Youtube channel by clicking here.

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Sneak Peek: Guitars Not Yet on the Website (updated 3/26/15)

Bookmark this page for frequent updates. (Please scroll down for additional guitars.)


Fender Custom Shop 1960 Relic Custom Stratocaster



2006 Gibson L-7 Master Museum

Flamed Maple and Sitka Spruce

P1580330 P1580342


2012 Collings CJMhMhSB

All Mahogany



1992 Olson SJ

Indian Rosewood and Red Cedar



1984 Contreras I Concert

Brazilian Rosewood and Spruce



1994 Bown Parlor




2005 Bown OM

Cuban Mahogany and Spruce



1949 Gibson L-5



1957 Gretsch Chet Atkins 6120


2012 Posch GA

Indian Rosewood and Adirondack Spruce



2011 Collings 01SB

Mahogany and Sitka Spruce



1994 Collings OM3HBA

Brazilian Rosewood and Adirondack Spruce




Collings D2H

Indian Rosewood and Sitka Spruce




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We at Dream Guitars welcome you all to come join us at our Concerts, Guitar Clinics, Setup Saturdays and other events throughout the year. Come visit Dream Guitars and the wonderful Asheville area!

Upcoming Shows

craig-antoine AL_P-wide
Craig D’Andrea and Antoine DuFour April 25. 7pm
(Next Show)
Al Petteway, May 23rd, 7pm
Concert and Workshop!
tony-beppe2 r-and-s
Tony McManus and Beppe Gambetta
CD Release Party and Guitar Workshop!
June 13, 7pm
Robin Bullock and Steve Baughman
2nd Annual Post Swannie Dream!
August 1, 7pm
Alex DeGrassi, Oct. 17th, 7pm
Concert and Workshop!

Next Show: Craig D’Andrea & Antoine Dufour

craig-antoineSaturday, Apr 25th @ 7pm
Pre-Show Pot Luck @ 6 pm
Tickets $20, Reservations required
Call To Purchase Tickets 828-658-9795

Antoine Dufour

34 year old Montreal, Canada based guitarist Antoine Dufour is known colloquially among the best guitar players in the world as a musician’s musician. To fans of popular music, he deftly combines jaw-dropping guitar playing skills and an artistic soul in crafting instrumental compositions that reflect ambient and progressive music that transcends global cultures and languages. That he does this in an incredibly visual and entertaining style has endeared him to a broad spectrum of fans of popular music.

Via his six albums of original material released to critical acclaim, two live performance DVDs, 6 years of global touring and more than 50 million cumulative views on YouTube, Antoine Dufour has emerged as a young star of fingerstyle acoustic guitar, building a worldwide reputation for innovation and creativity.

Antoine’s records of accomplishment include winning First place at the Canadian Fingerstyle Guitar Championships, Third place at the ultra-prestigious international guitar championships at Winfield, recording for the leading Instrumental music record label Candyrat, plus touring and playing with luminary guitar players such as Andy McKee, Don Ross and Craig D’Andrea.

Click here to learn more about Antoine: www.antoinedufourmusic.com

Craig D’Andrea

Craig D’Andrea is one of the younger faces you will find on the acoustic guitar scene, but he isn’t playing like he’s 24 years old. Craig has been receiving support from fans and critics alike since releasing his debut album “Crazy is Catching” on CandyRat Records in March of 2007. The release of his album, along with his title of 2007 Canadian Fingerstyle Champion, has given him the chance to tour in the United States and Canada with respected artists Andy McKee, Don Ross, Antoine Dufour and Peter Ciluzzi.

In the third grade, Craig began his music inclination when he chose to play the cello in his school’s orchestra. The cello faded away and was replaced by the baritone ukulele which remained the only instrument in Craig’s hands until 1999 when a high school friend introduced him to the acoustic guitar. During his first few years as a guitarist, Craig took basic lessons that allowed him to form his technique and musical style. With the help of his teacher, Craig discovered his main influences such as Lindsay Buckingham, Don Ross and Leo Kottke.

Later in high school, Craig studied classical guitar for three years and planned to attend college to be a classical performance major. After doing well in his auditions, Craig decided to get his degree in Sound Recording and Production from the University of New Haven. The choice not to study guitar allowed him to concentrate his musical efforts towards composing and developing his own sound.

D’Andrea found success in 2006 when he placed third in the Canadian Fingerstyle Championship, and even more, when he took first place in 2007. With the help of his win and a CD that showed promise, Craig was asked to tour with Andy McKee, Don Ross and Antoine Dufour in the United States and Canada.

Click here to learn more about Craig: www.craigdandrea.com

Reservations required for all events, please call us at  (828) 658-9795.

All Concerts will feature:

  • Limited Seating. Only 40 attendees for greater comfort.
  • Door Prizes
  • Pot Luck prior to concert, so please bring a dish to share and arrive 1 hour prior to showtime
  • Volunteer Opportunities for door, CD sales, Food Service, Setup and Breakdown. Volunteers get half price admission.

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Three Decades of the Somogyi Sound!

“The guitar itself has always been my best teacher.  She has always revealed herself to me bit by bit, taking her own sweet time.  I’ve been the student.” – Ervin Somogyi

We are extremely fortunate to have three Somogyi Guitars in-stock at the moment so we decided to record all three for another special video which we have named, “Three Decades of the Somogyi Sound!”


Click here or on the video image above to watch “Three Decades of the Somogyi Sound!”

“Ervin Somogyi has long been one of my favorite builders. He was one of the original luthiers 80-somogyi-mod-dto create the open modern voicing that we now all think of when we hear fingerstyle guitar recordings. In the 1970s and 80s when artist like Alex De Grassi first started to record fingerstyle guitar, they went to Ervin Somogyi and asked him for guitars with more open voicing that would be more appropriate to make recordings with. The factory guitars of the day were simply not expressive enough for solo guitar pieces. To this day Ervin is considered one of the masters of guitar voicing and he has taught his ideas and techniques to many of today’s top luthiers the world over.” – Paul Heumiller

Here at Dream Guitars we have been a dealer for Ervin Somogyi for many years and he is constantly a favorite for our clientele. It is a sheer delight to have three of his guitars in the shop right now, each from another decade.

We simply could not resist recording them side-by-side to share with the world. Somogyi’s voice is one that all lovers of guitar should know and understand. It has so influenced modern guitar perhaps more so than any other single builder.

We asked Ervin Somogyi himself for a few thoughts on how his building has evolved over the last few decades and here’s what he had to say:

“Lately, some guitars of mine from the eighties and nineties have come on the market, and some of them have come to my shop for visits, checkups, or for a tweak or repair . . . or because the original owner was no longer playing guitar and wanted to see if I knew anyone who would want to buy their baby.  And so on.

I have been pleasantly surprised in every instance by how well they’ve held up.  Yes, they’ve had signs of wear and tear — if not in small scratches and such, then most notably in the look of the lacquered finish.  Lacquer has the capacity to separate from its underlayment, over time; and these guitars show small spots of lacquer separation/bubbling from the wood underneath.  This is not in the least bit serious; it’s cosmetic and easily fixable; a guitar simply looks not-brand-new in this regard.

Happily, not one of the guitars that I’ve seen or heard about, from this period, has been mistreated: they seem to be structurally sound.  And I’ve been pleasantly reminded of how far back I was using certain elements of decoration, or arrangements of bracing, that now seem to me like the most intelligent way to carry out this work.” – Ervin Somogyi


Click here to view our in-stock Ervin Somogyi guitars.

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