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New Arrival: Michihiro Matsuda M1

Tweet New Arrival: This refined beauty is built with a stunning set of Brazilian Rosewood, hand selected by Dream Guitar’s own Paul Heumiller. The top… Read More

6 String Banjos in stock: Bishline Custom and Lame Horse Gitjo

Tweet “Every guitarist should have one of these, it’s so much fun.” – Paul Heumiller Lame Horse Gitjo The Lamehorse Gitjo, by Jeremy Jenkins, was made… Read More

Paul’s Pick: 1944 Martin D-18 (previously owned by David Grisman)

Tweet This amazing 1944 Martin D-18 comes to us from legendary musician David Grisman. David told us it had a sweet voice and great power, and he was… Read More

Paul’s Pick: Petros Tunnel 13

Tweet “It’s hard to say just how good this guitar is. Forget, for the moment, it’s beauty. The tone is simply magical. Trebles so full… Read More

New Arrival: Martin 000-28H (1934)

Tweet We just received this extraordinary Martin 000-28H – a true vintage Dream Guitar. Skillfully maintained by luthiers Bill Tippin and the  legendary T.J. Thompson,… Read More

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