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1930 Martin 000-45 In The House!

Dream Guitars has the ability to reach out and pluck those dream guitars from out of the air, where mere mortals are unable to find recordings of these beasts, let alone actual guitars. Paul’s kept himself at the center of the world of high-end guitars for 17 years now, patiently building his knowledge base and making connections between players, builders, and collectors, diligently placing new voices into practiced hands, providing discerning clientele to inspire luthiers, and reuniting collectors with the instruments of their childhoods, or their parents’ childhoods. As a result, Dream Guitars has become one of the focal points for preserving the world of fine lutherie and maintaining the market for anyone with a voice or a guitar model at stake.

Accordingly, Dream Guitars is exactly the place you want to come to if the instrument you’re looking for is off the beaten path (just look at the country roads that lead to our showroom), masterfully constructed and exceedingly rare. When one of our clients came to us with his collection of Holy Grail guitars, Paul was more than ready to help out. One quick flight to New York and a careful car trip back, and Dream Guitars has now gotten a hold of three irresistably collection-worthy instruments: a 1935 Larson Brothers Prairie State 15″, a 1938 Larson Euphonon Dreadnought, and the grand master of all–an all-original 1930 Martin 000-45! This last one is particularly difficult to find: there were only 21 made in 1930. Add to that the voice, with all its 86 years’ of music, and the completely original state of its parts (right down to the cast iron key for the case), and the chances of finding a guitar like this in the wild are nigh impossible. 

Valued at $135,000, this Martin is an incredible find, and Paul was able to line up a buyer within a matter of days. Soon the chalice will be passed and this Holy Grail guitar will be en route to its new owner. In quick order, the Larson Prairie State also sold as well, and both guitars are going to trusted clients who respect the historicity of these instruments. This is what it’s all about for us: connecting players and collectors across state lines (and national borders) to foster a healthy market for the exchange of these irreplaceable instruments.

Before we let this one go, however, Paul wanted to compare it with some of the contemporary voices that we have in the shop, so we set up a little taste test between the 1930 Martin 000-45 and a McConnell 16 Inch, Matsuda M1, a Traugott R, and a Wingert 00. Here’s Paul:

“The taste test was really fun. Dream Guitars is well known for representing many modern makers who are moving toward something different than traditional, vintage voicing, who instead search for new, individual forms of expression and musicality by chasing the fascinating new ideas in their heads. It’s wonderful to have a chance to play many of these prewar Martin guitars because they are quite different from these contemporary builds. On the one hand, it’s nearly impossible to replicate what happens to a guitar after 80 or 100 years of being in the world. The finish gases off or is worn off, and the wood dries out while millions of notes vibrate through its fibers. This chronological process yields a distinct kind of energy and body–something that contemporary builders of traditional styles are seeking to recreate. A similar, but distinct quality of energy can also be found in the very finest modern guitars, even after just one year of being played in and opening up.

The advances in bracing and voicing for the modern guitar, I believe, allow us to get closer to a sound that’s comparable to these prewar instruments, but much earlier in the guitar’s life. I attribute quite a lot of these advances to one simple thing: how much time each builder spends on one guitar. If they take their painstaking time to consider whether or not to pass the top through the thickness sander one more time, or to take one more pass with a chisel at the scallop of a brace. Constantly tapping the wood and striving for their own unique tone. To me that’s why you can pick up a recent McConnell, Traugott, Tippin, or Somogyi, to name a few, and feel the same sort of inspiration you feel from one of these outstanding vintage Martin guitars. It’s not the same voice, but the combination of so many advances in construction and voicing definitely allow these new instruments to compete on the same field as Holy Grail guitars. I truly believe we are in the Golden Age with dozens of makers building their own versions of luthier history.”

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We have a long list of clients looking for certain guitars on our Dream Catcher Watchlist. If you have one of the guitars below we may be able to facilitate a quick sale for you. Call us today or contact us online.

Have another high-end guitar for sale that is not listed below? Let us know! Call us today or contact us online.

Immediate Need for a Client:

Medium or Large celluloid thumpicks like the D’Andrea multi colors that Martin Simpson uses. Any brand/color ok, but celluloid with small tip

Preowned Flight Cases – ie Calton, Karura, Hoffee

Banchetti, Paris: All Models
Baranik, Mike: All Models
Carrillo, Vicente: “Paco de Lucia” model flamenco Negra
Carruth, Alan: 000/OM 12 or 14 fret with slight cutaway, not mahogany
Casana, Raphael (Journeyman under Jose Ramirez I): All models
Circa (John Slobod): 000
Dudenbostel: All Models
Fender Strat 1950s-60s player condition
Fleta, Ignacio: All Models
Froggy Bottom: Small body, player condition
Gibson: 1941-42 J-35 Sunburst
Gibson: 1958 ES-335 Natural
Gibson: 1958 or ’59 EMS 1235
Henderson, Wayne: All models
Martin: 1926 to 1931. Sizes 0, 00 or 000 (and additional years if 12th fretters only i.e. from 1935 or 1937) 100% original, non-refinished
Martin: Prewar Models
Martin: 1930s 45 style 000 or OM
Martin: 000-28, 1928-1931
Martin: Signature Models
Martin: Belleza Nera
Martin: Custom Shop
Martin: 1960s D-35 player grade
Martin: OMC Laurence Juber
Martin: OMM John Renbourn Signature Model
Martin: OM-42 Paul Simon
Martin: Renbourn
Matsuda M1, Brazilian
National: Wood Body
Olson 12-string, Brazilian
Olson: SJ, Brazilian, Cedar, Indian
Olson: Tier 3 James Taylor model with Brazilian
Phoenix: Neoclassical mandolin
Ramirez II, Jose: Classical mid 40s 56-7 not in Cypress
Recording King: Ray Whitley
Romero: Banjos, All Models
Smallman, Greg: Classical
Sobell, Stefan: All Models
Somogyi, Ervin: All Models
Tacchi, Andrea: Rosewood and Spruce
Taylor: Hot Rod
Thompson, T.J.: All Models
Traphagen, Dake: 000
Veillette: Terz 12-string
Walker, Kim: All Models, particularly 000 or OM, not Brazilian
Walker, Scott: Santa Cruz model
Whitebook, Mark: All Models

Steel String Guitars:

Circa (John Slobod): All Models
Collings: 00, OM, Dreadnaught
Doolin: All Models
Dyer: Harp Guitars, Style 7 or 8
Franklin: Brazilian OM
Gibson: 1930s-1950s L-00, J-30, J-35, J-45, J-50, AJ
Greenfield, Michael: All Models
Henderson, Wayne: All Models
Laskin, Grit: All Models
Long Scale 00
Martin D-40 Tom Petty
Martin: 1930s Small Bodies
Martin: 1950s Dreadnaughts
Martin: Prewar 0, 00, 000, OMs and Dreadnaughts, All1950s Models
Matsuda, Michihiro: All Models
McCollum: Baritone
Olson, James: All Models
Petros, Bruce: Dream Series
Ryan, Kevin: All Models
Schwartz, Sheldon: Rosewood Oracle
Somogyi, Ervin: All Models
Terraplane: Resonator
Thompson, T.J.: All Models
Walker, Kim: All Models
Wingert, Kathy: All Models

Classical, Flamenco & Crossover Guitars:

Buscarino, John: Cabaret
Cervantes, Alejandro: Crossover
Contreras I: All Models
Dammann: All Models
Dominelli: Classical
Gropp: All Models
Humphrey, Thomas: Millenium, 650mm Scale
McGill, Paul: Super Ace
Nylon String Crossovers, Cutaway, Narrow Nut
Ramirez: 1950s-1960s
Redgate, Jim: All Models
Reyes, Mauel
Ruck, Robert: All Models
Smallman, Greg: All Models
Tacchi, Andrea

Electric Guitars:

Anderson, Tom: Strats and Teles
Beauregard, Mario: Thinline MB or MB-S
Detemple: Strats, Teles
Fender: Vintage Strats & Teles
Gibson: Les Paul Bob Marley Custom Shop
Kay: Vintage Semi-Hollow and Solidbody
Low Wattage Vintage Tube Amps: Princeton Reverb, Champ, Magnatone, Citation, Gibson GA
PRS: McCarty DC245, Glacier Blue
PRS: McCarty with Rosewood Neck (Original Run)
PRS: Modern Eagle with Brazilian Neck, Faded Blue Jean (Original Run)

Archtop Guitars:

D’Aquisto: Original
Gibson: Vintage L-4 or L-5
Gretsch: White Falcon

Bass Guitars:

Airline Bass Guitar


Nylon String Banjos

New Arrivals at Dream Guitars

Following are a few highlighted new arrivals here at Dream Guitars. Please click on any of the links or images below for more details on each guitar. Feel free to call the shop as well to further discuss any instrument 828-658-9795. Click here to view all additional new arrivals at Dream Guitars. 

2009 McCollum J Malaysian Blackwood/Italian

2013 Musselwhite D Brazilian/Appalachian


2002 Kim Walker SJ Indian/Sitka


2007 Bourgeois Custom OMS Macassar Ebony/Italian


2005 Bourgeois OMS Indian/Adirondack (Red)


2010 Keller Jumbo Indian/Engelmann


2005 Keller Jumbo Koa/Engelmann


Please click on any of the links or images above for more details on each guitar. Feel free to call the shop as well to further discuss any instrument 828-658-9795.

Wish It Was Spring Cleaning Sale

snowWhile it is getting colder and the snow continues to fall, we figured why not warm it up and have a Spring Cleanup Sale!!!

All of the following products are offered at a significant discount.

To order, please call the shop 828-658-9795.

Offers valid while inventory lasts.

Currently on Sale:

Instruments under $2k:
1895 S.S. Stewart  Universal Favorite Banjo
Strat Reliced by Monroe
Cromwell Archtop
Cordoba RCWE
Furch Little Jane
Kanilea Ukelele K-1 – New
1963 Danelectro U2
Emerald X7-OS
Taylor T5-S
Leho Ukuleles LHT6-ASAK – New
Leho Ukuleles LHT-SMF – New
The Loar LH-280-CBK
The Loar LH-319-VS

Mics / Preamps:
K&K Sound Quantum Blender Dual Channel Guitar Preamp/EQ

D-TAR Mic Stand Adapter #2-90-915
ErgoPlay Tappert Classical Guitar Support
Planet Waves Chromatic Strobe Pedal Tuner PW-CT-04
Planet Waves Auto-Trim Tuning Machines PWAT-333L, 3+3 Setup, GOLD
Planet Waves Insert Cable PW-INS-10, 1/4″ Male Stereo to Dual 1/4″ Male Mono
B-Band chromatic Tuner Tun-E

Thomstik-Infeld AC112
Curt Mangan 12-String Light Phos-Br
Curt Mangan Med. Lt. Phos Br
Curt Mangan Med. Lt. 80/20
Curt Mangan Bluegrass Phos Br
Curt Mangan Heavy Phos Br
Elixir Med
Elixir Lt-Med


1895 S.S. Stewart  Universal Favorite Banjo

19th century body/tone ring with Rare ‘wraparound’ pot, custom neck by Larry Brown featuring gorgeous inlay work, newer Guardian Case

$1,995 + Shipping

banjo1 banjo2
banjo4 banjo5

Strat Reliced by Monroe

Monroe Relic Strat, made with Fender parts, features Texas Special Pickups, Rosewood Fingerboard, Tremolo, Tweek Case

$895 + Shipping

strat1 strat2
strat4 strat3

Cromwell Archtop

1930s Cromwell Archtop (G-2?), Made by Gibson for Cromwell, this one has play wear and some reglued braces, funky and old, but great sounding. Perfect for front porch blues sessions!

$595 + Shipping

cromwell1 cromwell2
cromwell3 cromwell4

Cordoba RCWE

Thin body classical, Indian Rosewood back/sides, Cedar Top

$995 + Shipping

cordoba1 cordoba3
cordoba2 cordoba4

New Furch LJ10-CM Little Jane

Click Here for More Details

$1,599 + Shipping

P1500027 P1500012

Kanilea K-1 Concert Premium Satin Ukulele

Click Here for More Details

$770 + Shipping

P1470632 P1470642

1963 Danelectro U2 – SOLD

Click Here for More Details

$1,500 + Shipping

danelectro1 danelectro2

Emerald X7-OS

Qty – 4

Click Here for More Details

$930 + Shipping

emerald1 emerald2

Taylor T5-S – SOLD

Click Here for More Details

$1,100 + Shipping

taylor1 taylor2

New Leho Ukuleles LHT6-ASAK

Click Here for More Details

$350 + Shipping

leho1-1 leho1-2

New Leho Ukuleles LHT-SMF

Click Here for More Details

$255 + Shipping

leho2-1 leho2-2

The Loar LH-280-CBK

The Loar LH-280-CBK is a great budget archtop capable of handling styles ranging from Jazz and Blues to Country and Rockabilly. With a 24.75” scale and Vintage “C” profile neck this will feel familiar to anyone accustomed to vintage archtops.

$400 + Shipping

loar1-2 loar1-1

The Loar LH-319-VS

The Loar is a company dedicated to reviving the artisan principles of the golden era of 1920s and 30s archtop guitars. Indeed, the LH-319-VS is a fine example of their success in this endeavor. Anyone familiar with vintage Gibson, Guild, Martin or Washburn f-hole archtops will be pleasantly surprised at the similarity of the LH-319 in tone, playability and appearance.

$460 + Shipping

loar2-1 loar2-2

K&K Sound Quantum Blender Dual Channel Guitar Preamp/EQ – SOLD

Preowned but looks 99% new. Functions properly. Includes 1/4″ stereo TRS cable. Needs power supply 12VDC 700mA Center-positive


$149.99 + Free Shipping

quantum1 quantum3 quantum2
quantum5 quantum4

D-TAR Mic Stand Adapter #2-90-915

Attaches to underside of Solstice or Equinox allowing the unit to be mounted to a standard microphone stand.

NEW, Qty-1

$14.99 + Free Shipping

dtar dtar2 dtar3

ErgoPlay Tappert Classical Guitar Support

NEW, Qty-2

$49.99 + Free Shipping

ergoplay1 ergoplay2 ergoplay3

Planet Waves Insert Cable PW-INS-10, 1/4″ Male Stereo to Dual 1/4″ Male Mono
NEW, Qty-2
$19.99 + Free Shipping
planetwaves1 planetwaves2 planetwaves3

Planet Waves Auto-Trim Tuning Machines PWAT-333L, 3+3 Setup, GOLD

NEW, Qty-2

$52.99 + Free Shipping

auto1 auto2 auto3

Planet Waves Chromatic Strobe Pedal Tuner PW-CT-04

NEW, Qty-1

$79.99 + Free Shipping

tuner1 tuner2 tuner3

B-Band chromatic Tuner Tun-E

NEW, Qty-10

$18.00 + Free Shipping



 Thomstik-Infeld-AC112  Thomstik-Infeld AC112  $14.50 + Shipping
 Curt-Mangan-12-String-Light Phos-Br  Curt Mangan 12-String Light Phos-Br  $6.50 + Shipping
 Curt-Mangan-Med-Lt-Phos-Br  Curt Mangan Med. Lt. Phos Br  $9.00 + Shipping
 Curt-Mangan-Med-Lt  Curt Mangan Med. Lt. 80/20  $8.50 + Shipping
 Curt-Mangan-Bluegrass-Phos-Br  Curt Mangan Bluegrass Phos Br  $5.00 + Shipping
 Curt-Mangan-Heavy-Phos-Br  Curt Mangan Heavy Phos Br  $5.00 + Shipping
 Elixir-Med  Elixir Med  $12.50 + Shipping
 Elixir-Lt-Med  Elixir Lt-Med  $12.50 + Shipping


My New Five String Nylon Fretless Banjo

IMG_1010-iClick Here to watch Robert Anderson play Paul’s Five String Nylon Fretless Banjo

Years ago when I was spending a lot of time with Martin Simpson, the great guitarist from IMG_1008-iEngland, he had a Turkish Cümbüş that he had converted to a five string nylon fretless banjo. I remember that the neck had a super glue rubbed finish that was pretty cool. Martin used this Cümbüş on his amazing album, “Cool and Unusual”. The aluminum bowl has an amazing strong percussive sound and the nylon strings give it smoothness that is just, well cool and unusual.

While traveling in Italy a few years ago for a guitar Festival in Sarzana, I came across a dealer of Turkish instruments tucked in the mountain side of Cinque Terre. I bought a Cümbüş there and carried it all the way home IMG_1013-ito the US knowing someday I would convert it like Martin had done.

Robert Anderson, a renowned banjo maker, moved to Weaverville North Carolina just miles away from my home. I showed Robert the instrument and he was excited about trying something new. He had never seen a Cümbüş before but was game for the project.

Robert is a true artist who loves to do carvings and extensive inlay work. This neck was fairly simple compared to many that he does.

I’m delighted with how it came out. The tone is amazing and it plays like a dream. This is a new instrument for me so I’ll be IMG_1014-iwoodshedding the next two years! Wish me luck!

Click Here to watch Robert Anderson play Paul’s Five String Nylon Fretless Banjo


Robert Anderson and Paul Heumiller

Dream Guitars Volume II: Guitars of Distinction – Kickstarter

Let’s Make Great Music Together!!!

204As a result of your requests, we have embarked on the creation of the music CD Dream Guitars Volume Two: Guitars of Distinction – Featuring Grammy winner Al Petteway playing instruments by a select few of Dream Guitars favorite luthiers.

Help us make this project a reality by contributing to our Kickstarter campaign.

Pledge rewards start at as little as $25 and include signed CDs, tab books, behind the scenes tours, even private house concerts and dinners with Al Petteway and Paul Heumiller!!

This will be the sequel to Dream Guitars Vol. 1 The Golden Age of Lutherie by Al Petteway. The inaugural CD was a compilation of original music recorded by Al on a limited edition of guitars, named the ‘Dream Series’, designed and crafted by eleven of our favorite luthiers solely for Dream Guitars.

Great guitars are part of the reason for the second CD, the other major part is Grammy Award winner, Al Petteway. Those of you who are familiar with the site, know Al as the guy who plays everything from sweet acoustic fingerstyle guitar to down home banjo & mandolin to electric lead with attitude. He’s also a wonderful composer who wrote all the ’56 second wonders’ on our site. Those sound clips that everyone wants TAB for.

“Dream Guitars Volume Two: Guitars of Distinction” will feature additionally amazing original compositions by Al Petteway played on some of the most incredible instruments on the planet.  The project will also include a book of sheet music and tablature making it a wonderful learning tool for Fingerstyle guitar players.

Support this project by contributing to our Kickstarter campaign today.




Paul Heumiller

Dream Guitars

The Showstopper – 2003 Martin D-50 Deluxe Brazilian – Limited Edition

We are very excited to announce the arrival of this extremely rare Martin Limited Edition D-50 featuring both Brazilian Rosewood and Bearclaw Sitka Spruce.

Click Here for the Full Listing, Audio, Video and Specs

This 2003 Martin Limited Edition D-50 is number 2 of only 50 made and is as much an art object as an instrument. Not withstanding its amazing appointments, this baby sounds amazing. Lush, tight basses are easily coaxed from this beauty, along with well defined mids and trebles with just the right chime and sparkle.

The extensive use of abalone, outlined in mother-of-pearl, represents the pinnacle of fine craftsmanship by the team at Pearl Works, under the watchful eye of legendary inlay artist, Larry Seifel, before his untimely passing.

The Tree of Life motif is brilliantly executed, flowing gracefully up the fingerboard onto the headstock, while abalone purflings wrap around all edges.

This extremely rare find comes with a letter of authentication and custom leather-bound case with built-in analog hygrometer.

“There’ so much to love about this highly collectible Martin D-50, I hardly know where to start! Of course, the fingerboard inlay is incredible, but one of my favorite details is the abalone herringbone purflings. They just add a great, subtle glow to the perimeter of the body. Not to be outdone by the shellwork, the woods used are lovely and unusual. The pale Brazilian Rosewood is paired beautifully with the heavily bearclawed Sitka Spruce top. Of course, this bad boy has all that legendary dreadnought tone — big fat bass notes and chimey trebles seem to sustain for days, and will have all the banjo pickers at the Feed n Seed running for cover! This is a terrific opportunity to acquire the cornerstone to a museum-worthy guitar collection.” – Paul Heumiller

“I had the chance to play one of these before and it’s quite a thrill to hold a guitar like this one. You might want to put this in a nice display case because the inlay done by Pearl Works is amazing and incredibly detailed. By the way, it’s fun to play as well.” – Al Petteway

Click Here for the Full Listing, Audio, Video and Specs













Hot news from Tippin Guitars: New model, the Forte,
and two new Al Petteway Signature Models coming down the pike

Dream Guitars is proud to bring you some exciting news from Tippin Guitars including a brand new model and incoming DG inventory!!

Bill Tippin’s New Forte Model

First off, Bill Tippin introduced his newest creation, the Tippin Forte, at the recent Healdsburg Guitar Festival in California. This is a new model from him and is one of his most creative projects to date.

The Forte, based on his Crescendo model, was inspired by Tippin’s own personal guitar preferences. He found a way to boost the richness of the Crescendo — he increased the width of lower bout while maintaining the balance — and it’s slightly wider (3/16th”) at its widest.

Our own Paul Heumiller and Al Petteway had the privilege of playing the new Forte while out in Healdsburg. “The new Forte model from Bill Tippin has everything I love about the Crescendo, balance, clarity, power and Bill’s trademark full trebles, but it adds a bit more fullness to the bass for the player that enjoys a bit more thump in the chest. Outstanding!” – Paul H.

The Original Tippin Crescendo Model

The Crescendo, which is considered to be the cornerstone of Tippin’s entire line of guitars, is large yet versatile. Imagine a 14-fret OMT with the rich tone normally found in an 00012-fret size. The Crescendo manages to combine the feel of a 14-fret OMT while preserving the rich tone of a 12-fret body model, replete with incredible tone, balance and projection.

Dream Guitars has a pre-owned 2005 Crescendo in stock featuring Brazilian Rosewood and Carpathian Spruce – contact us if you’re interested in acquiring!

And, by the way, our own Paul Heumiller is anxiously awaiting to take delivery of his personal, custom Crescendo. Paul’s model is made from Brazilian/Moon spruce with a cutaway, MOP sparkle trim. What makes this custom job so unique is that it includes a short-scale, Fan Fret design, which will perform well in Drop-D, DADGAD and standard tunings.

The Tippin Al Petteway Signature Model

Also, Bill has embarked on a new build of the Tippin Al Petteway Signature, also based on the Crescendo model. Check out this video demonstration of the Petteway Signature on our YouTube channel. This instrument is representative of Bill at the top of his game, and when you listen to our studio recording you’ll understand what we mean. Interested in purchasing the incoming Tippin Al Petteway Signature model? Contact us today to learn more about your reservation options.

We do also have a pre-owned Al Petteway Signature in stock as well if you would rather not wait for the incoming guitar. This 2008 Crescendo Al Petteway Signature was actually originally purchased by Al Petteway himself and was the first Signature model ever made! This beauty features brick red Brazilian Rosewood, Moon Harvested European Spruce, an armrest bevel, beveled cutaway, and new heel design. Click here to learn more.

Exclusive Opportunity! Reserve this Stunning, Custom
Grit Laskin Guitar, inspired by Dream Guitars, Today!

This is exciting stuff, folks. We all know that Grit Laskin is one of the finest luthiers around and is widely considered as a master of inlay work. Today, Dream Guitars announces that he is working on a custom guitar that we have made available for reservation with delivery expected in December.

Our own Paul Heumiller worked with Grit to develop the basic inlay ideas and Laskin took off running. As you can see in these pictures, the design is amazing, intricate and just short of groundbreaking.

Here is some of what Grit himself had to say about this piece:

One of the most beloved and influential guitarists was the legend who passed away just last year, Doc Watson. I began thinking about Doc, and about the natural world and the title from Shakespeare popped into my head: ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream,’ which takes place in a forest. The more I read about Doc, the more his life inspired me: His musical beginnings, the events in his life that shaped him and the fact that what gave him the musical bug was the shape-note hymns sung by his mother. My brain locked onto that seminal influence and also latched onto the literal meaning of the word shape — this old-style singing shaped his life, yes, but the notes themselves also provided physical shapes in which I could place scenes and elements from his life. Bingo.

“I’m putting a large portrait of Doc picking a guitar on the headstock in the same realistic I used for John Lennon on the ‘Imagine’ guitar. Flowing down the fret board are the seven basic shapes of shape notes (do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti) large enough to place within elements such as Doc’s earliest musical instruments, his early solo album, ‘Southbound,’ which  first brought him to prominence. In fact, the working title of the piece is ‘Southbound.’

Talk about creative thinking.

If you’re jazzed about this guitar and Laskin’s work no one would blame you if you missed our announcement, so here it is again: This guitar is available and you can reserve it now by contacting the Dream Guitars shop near Asheville, NC, right away. If you miss this opportunity, or want to see more of Grit Laskin’s work, check out the gallery on his homepage.

Let Al Petteway teach you how to play “Tennessee Mountain Rag,” featured on the “Dream Guitars, Vol. 1” CD and in the book of tab

A while back, guitar great Al Petteway sat in front of the camera at our showroom in Weaverville, North Carolina, just outside of Asheville, and gave us all a lesson on how to play his own composition, “Tennessee Mountain Rag,” which is included on the “Dream Guitars, Volume 1, The Golden Age of Luthiers” CD and tablature book.

For the lesson, Al plays a Tippin Al Petteway Signature Model with Brazilian Rosewood and Moon Spruce, built by one of the great luthiers in the United States, Bill Tippin of Tippin Guitars.

“In this style of music, everything is out there to be had,” Al explains when discussing his writing method for this song, which taps into many other tunes and progressions in the genre, and the way he puts it all together to make it his own. This is songwriting, folks.

Al also details his chords as well as a cool “chicken picking” technique that he uses for a neat walk-down. He also details optional rhythm choices, which he points out are reminiscent of the style of Chet Atkins. He also shows you a neat lick he learned from listening to Atkins.

You can watch the video here on our Dream Guitars YouTube channel. The “Dream Guitars, Vol. 1” CD and complete book of tablature is available in our online store. All of this and more is available in the online shopping cart.

You should also visit his website at www.alandamy.com to learn more about Al Petteway, his wife, Amy.

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